Last Friday my employer hosted us for a ladies luncheon with a very powerful guest Khetsiwe Fakudze. This woman spoke and drummed some sense to us. The whole weekend ngizindla ngetifundziso takhe, serious meditation. The truths the openness and the transparency in all I mean in everything she spoke about made a shift in my life.
1. She spoke about respect
2. Being full in your life before getting married. This means mentally, psychologically, financially, spiritually and socially.
3. If you have #2 only little things will move because you are balanced already.
4. She mentioned that as a woman you can handle anything
5. Be that kind of woman that moves anything (obstacles, challenges etc)
6. Learn to boost yourself with confidence 
7. Never give up on your child as mother
There’s a lot she spoke about and some things she mentioned made me shed a tear. Basically that was a woman to woman talk. I wish I could share more but I think she’d do a better job.

Khetsiwe followed her name. She’s the chosen one for this journey. Whatever she went through God chose her to undergo that pain, suffering, rejection, humiliation, anger and finally peace, joy and contentment for you and I to learn on how to handle such matters. Some people don’t make it after such a traumatic and painful experience. But here she is fixing our lives and making us better people.

So ladies can I do something for you in May. Lets pamper ourselves and mothers with “The Real Talk”
August is quite far and I have plans already. Sicale nje ekuseni nga 10am so that by 1pm sibe sicedzile, wrap up and have lunch. Yey ukhulumile losisi yebonine. I’m even thinking of combining her with Make Bishop.

If I get 100 likes, 50 comments and 5 shares I’m doing this for you ladies.