On the 29th of April I turned 38 years old and I decided to celebrate it in a different style. I had a party that wasn’t entirely about me. The party was themed ‘a party with a purpose’ where my guests were not allowed to bring gifts but make a contribution towards buying blankets as a donation to the needy. I basically used it as a platform to raise those funds. And believe you me it was a great success. It was my first time doing such and I was nervous as hell because I didn’t know what it would look like and whether I’d get the support or not. But Jesus did it 

I would like to thank you all my friends and family for taking part in this initiative. The support was so overwhelming. Nkulunkulu akawadli emandla emuntfu. May He bless you more than you had expected.

Giving is in me, making a difference in people’s lives is in me. You can be likewise too. It is the most amazing feeling you could ever have – giving or helping without expecting something in return.

And thank you so much for tilokotfo letinhle on my timeline, text, WhatsApp and calls on my birthday

Love you all

NB. Feedback will be given through print media and social media so that we share the joy with the beneficiaries.