I am her is a way of creating a path for us to look into the women in the Bible and realise that there is a women or two whom you identify yourself with and see a lot of who you are in that woman. There are the women whom everybody wants to be seen to have their characteristics but then there are your Rahabs and Bathshebas who have sort of been stigmatised – well, not by everybody. This post will look at some of the ladies in the bible and I am not sure how long it will run but I have challenged myself to study one after another not in a specified time frame. I would appreciate your comments. Today I will talk about Bathsheba – Scripture References2 Samuel 11:2312:241 Kings 1:11-312:13-191 Chronicles 3:5.

 Dear Bathesheba 

 I know you have been taken advantage of by someone you trusted. It may not have been your king, as in the case of Bathsheba, but maybe your cousin, your boyfriend, your uncle, your aunt, even; or anybody you trusted. Perhaps there was not even a soul you were able able to tell because of your fear of embarrassment. It is possible that you tried to tell a friend or a relative and they blamed you for putting yourself in the position of vulnerability. Even as you read this, it plays all over again how you were hurt deeply and have never let it out. You still see that person walking freely while you suffer silently. I cannot promise you anything except that God sees, God knows and God will surely see you through. This letter to you is meant to give you hope that you are not alone. I am writing this to all Bathshebas with the hope that your comments will bring some hope to one another that you are not alone. Some days are better than others. Some of you are even finding it hard to marry a man because you may have to let him know of this. We are not told if Bathsheba was asked by KIng David or not, and we are not saying King David forced himself on her but from a perspective of a woman and a King, and a woman, whose husband was later killed – that must have been a terrible journey for Bathsheba. I haven’t heard all sermons there are but I have not come been in a church service where I have heard a Swati Pastor preach from Bathsheba’s perspective. 

I love God for this, he never lets a hurting woman suffer forever. He gave Bathsheba a son, King Solomon, and in our context, she became the Queen Mother. What an upgrade!! Child of God, release the pain from your heart – I don’t know how – been there, done that and I still remember my own pain time and again and everyday is a journey towards release of such pain. God has bigger deal for you. Mother of a King. Maybe you can start praying over this and ask God to help you. 

You are loved. Stay online for the next edition and don’t forget to leave a comment.