The most important word in the English language apart from proper nouns is ‘RELATIONSHIP’!”
A Relationship is defined as the way two or more concepts, objects or people are connected. Literally, everything is founded on a relationship.
Relationship is what God wants with us. A relationship with God is what Jesus came to restore. The two great commandments are about relationship. All the problems in the world can be traced to broken relationships, that is, a broken relationship with God and broken relationships with one another! Our actual being is a relationship! The intertwining of your spiritual, emotional and physical gauges is the relationship that makes you YOU. For example, if you are physically sick, your emotions take a hard knock and this may affect your spiritual self.
Before discovering this, I thought everything was primarily about ‘truth’ – that ‘right beliefs’, such things to me were the ultimate goal. But now, my eyes have been opened. Ultimately, everything really is about restored relationships – with God and with one another. As for truth, love, faith, forgiveness, salvation, and servanthood, all of these are part of what makes relationships whole.
We are all on a Spirit-directed journey toward Christlikeness and the fulfillment of God’s highest calling and purposes in our lives. I am a sojourner like you. Some of us are privileged to be a bit further down the road than others, which is why as Godly Ladies, we carry one another, learning from one another. Operative words being: ‘From one another’. We have life experiences and God-given insights from which we can all learn. A relationship is more than you and more than me.
I pray you will have the humility to learn and the love and courage to share openly and help others learn. This is discipleship and development; and we want it to be as personal as it can be, in spite of the limitations. We are fixing each other’s crowns!