Clothed with glory....

Proverbs 3:6—“In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He
shall direct your paths”


Don't want to be anonymous anymore? Great! Send us an email and discuss with Admin how you can be part of this rapidly growing network of ladies working towards Godliness, whose desire is to raise women after His own Heart.


We don't wish for any lady to suffer alone in silence when there is a network of women just like you who have been through or are going through the very challenge you are facing. Join the talk, raise a topic and we will definitely queue it for discussion.


We are never too busy to sit down and strategise on how we can work with you to inspire young ladies in your care so that together we can work towards a common goal - "raising ladies after God's own heart" who are clothed with Glory.

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I am always concerned about Christians and their Monday to Saturday lifestyle – whether it reflects the Godliness that was being encouraged on Sunday, or they simply hang their robes and pick them up the next Sunday morning. How can we encourage Godliness Sunday through Sunday (week through). Start the discussion….