Psalm 45:5 - God is within her, she will not fail.

We're not just about the adult lady, but also the young lady who is just finding herself, the teenage girl who has just discovered her beautiful body, the little girl in her preteens who is just beginning to learn how precious her body is and the mother who is not sure of what to say to her daughter with all the questions she is being asked. Let's come together, ladies and raise Godly ladies from home, school, church and anywhere the opportunity may arise. We just want to hold someone's hand and walk the journey together.

Connect with us in our very own private and intimate network. We talk, laugh, cry, share experiences and help one another to grow and become more than just a female, but a woman of stature, a bank of wisdom.

There is no need to feel alone when you have these ladies at your fingertips. Depression shouldn't drown and finish you off. There is a lady who has gone through and beat what you are going through. Talk to the Godly ladies and you will be connected to someone, somehow, somewhere.

Have you got hold of a business opportunity that requires more skills and resources than you have at the moment? Collaborate with another lady who is an expert in that line and deliver to your client.  Yes, women can work together!!

We hope to grow our interaction to more than just digital connections but also face to face. We come in different dimensions, we want to grow as single moms,  give one another a breather and babysit for one another, and get to spend more time with our teenage daughters by taking turns to mentor them and use our gifts for the benefit of other families. There is more to life than just your inner circle.