Terms and Conditions

Joining the Godly Lady Network means that you are willing to participate in any of our activities which are relevant to you, especially those to which you are invited. We are Christian women who are far from perfect and we work out our salvation everyday by drawing closer to the Lord through prayer and bible reading.

We plead with you to maintain the trust we hold of one another in this small network. We pledge our support and also ask for your support because this is a not for profit foundation - it is a Ministry to assist people of God face their daily life's challenges. Whatever we discuss here, remains in the Network and everybody has a right to anonymity. Should one have an issue, an email can be sent to admin@godlylady.org and by all means possible, assistance my be given.

By joining Godly Lady Network, you also agree to respect the decision of the Founders to remain anonymous because they strongly believe that whatever good the right hand does, it will not tell or show the left hand. 

Be blessed to be a blessing.